Hi. I'm Florian. I thrive on creating things at the highest level. Often times these are digital products, even though I let my curiosity drive me.


In a corporate setting I usually act as a product manager. In the past I have both coded and designed.


After leaving beautiful San Francisco, I currently live close to Frankfurt, Germany.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset


A maker's journey

Screw astronauts, firemen, professional athletes or doctors! I never knew what "I wanted to be". The best answer I could usually give to this question was: "something that's not boring". I just wanted to do what I liked. The problem was, I never really knew what that was.

At least, until I enrolled in an extra-curricular where we "coded" computer games using a lego-style brick-building tool Scratch. I was wide awake before my alarm rang and even kept on connecting logic bricks after school. My mum had to come and drag me out of my room for dinner. Still today, all these memories are as vivid as if it had been yesterday.

In hindsight, this was my point of no return, my red pill, me crossing the proverbial Rubicon in my journey as a maker. The feeling of being able to create something – something others could use and love and tell even more people about – was unlike anything I ever felt.

Nearly ten years, two degrees, six different positions and countless ideas later, this is what remains.

Most recently, I served as a Head of Product for Steps, a reward-based mobile app that incentived healthy behavior. I led a team of developers and designers while navigating the product along the narrow path that follows both corporate vision and customer need. Whenever time allowed it, I got my hands dirty and created a new email template or finetuned the sliding animation of a carousel.

Prior to that, I held roles in Marketing, Customer Service, Content Editing and UX Design. I worked in renown agencies, an Apple store, big corporations and startups. I know how to code (mainly web technologies), design interactions from end-to-end, have a passion for motion design, love good typography and copywriting and always think how to sustain a product long-term (a.k.a make money with it).
The common thread spun across all these interests and roles is my curiosity and my desire to create.
I believe the best creations are holistic.

I recently returned to my home country Germany where I look for my next challenge. In the meantime, I'll keep creating things on my own, such as Emerald.


I am always looking to explore new ideas, especially the bold ones that dare to make a change.